Products and Services
  • Cryptocurrencies

    We cover most of the names traded out there

    • Coins

      BTC, ETH, BTH, XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC and others

    • Tokens

      USDT, VEN, BNB, OMG, ZRX, ZIL, ONT and others

  • ICO

    We offer a gateway to participate in all available ICOs

  • Fiat deposits/withdrawals

    We support major fiat currencies for deposits/withdrawals, including USD and EUR

Markets and Trading
  • OTC market

    We provide over-the-counter execution of large blocks using our extensive network of clients and counterparties

  • Liquidity aggregation

    Being a member of many exchanges, we aggregate the liquidity and do offer a competitive pricing

  • Direct-routing

    It is possible to set up a direct exchange routing, if needed

Regulation and Compliance
  • Regulation

    As a qualified Financial Institution, we hold two corresponding licenses from Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Estonia

  • Compliance

    We have high-standard internal policies, so each client is subject to AML/KYC procedures at first

  • Risk management

    • Monitoring

      We track the activity to identify suspicious cases

    • Top industry players

      We work with well-known and trustworthy names, including banks and escrow agents

    • Cold storage

      Each client has an option to request the cold storage

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About us
Our story

Our team represents the group of crypto enthusiasts, which came from the traditional banking industry, particularly from Asset Management, Trading and Risk Management divisions. Having extensive knowledge and experience in the financial markets, a relatively new segment of digital currencies has brought our attention at its early development. It took no time to realise a huge potential of blockchain technology and its corresponding products. Now we are here to provide you with excellence of customer service, fast execution and efficient operations along the digital currency market. Safety of transactions and assets we hold on behalf of the clients is our absolute priority. The transparent approach, philosophy and experience we have leads us to become a top player in this field as well as creates absolute satisfaction and comfort for our customers.



We take it seriously, privacy means privacy


Deep liquidity pool via set of exchanges and counterparties


Decades of experience in both crypto and traditional markets

Execution & Settlement

Fast execution and same-day settlement


Licensed crypto wallet and exchange service provider


We provide efficient support all the way through


Digital Value Trading OÜ

Register code: 14485260

Legal address:

Roosikrantsi tn 2-K103 Kesklinna linnaosa

Tallinn Harju maakond, Estonia, 10119

E-mail: [email protected]

Call us: +372 81951247