Terms of Use

1. Scope of these terms, orders placement and execution

1.1 The Terms of Use govern the legal relationship between Digital Value Trading and the user. We deliver our services exclusively on the basis of these Terms of Use.

1.2 The current version of the Terms of Use is published on www.digitalvaluetrading.com (hereinafter, “the Site” or “DVT”) and can be accessed and printed at any time.

1.3 DVT reserves the right to change these terms of use at any time, when this becomes necessary. Material contract components, especially the main due services that would be subject of an adjusted order, are not subject to this condition. Modifications and additional terms and conditions will be effective immediately and incorporated into this terms of use. Your continued placement of orders will be deemed acceptance thereof. The actual and current version of the Terms of Use is published on Conditions.

1.4 DVT does not offer any advisory or consulting services nor in investment or in taxation or legal issues or escrow services. DVT does not provide financial services. DVT is only a website to mediate clients orders placement and execution. This means that it is in user’s own responsibility if a bitcoin or another cryptocurrency is a suitable contract for them subject to their personal general and financial circumstances.

2. Registration

2.1 The use of the DVT is only possible after a registration and client identify/verification according to AMC/KYC policies. At registration the user has to state an email address as a username and choose a password. The DVT provides 2FA (double-factor authorization) for it’s users via Google Authenticator that implements two-step verification service. Authenticator provides a six- to eight-digit one-time password which users must provide in addition to their username and password to log in. The users may use or decline to use 2FA on their own discretion.

2.2 Before users can place an order for execution they need to fulfill registration. To complete the registration, the client has to comply with identify/verification according to AMC/KYC policies. The customer should provide us with the scan copy of requested documents. Once the registration and identity verification procedure is complete and confirmed by us, the customer can use DVT. The DVT has a right to reject any person on registering on www.digitalvaluetrading.com and using related services according to AML/KYC policies. The DVT may from time to time temporarily reject customers from some countries/territories. This can be because of legal issues or AML policies or technical reasons or other temporary reason. The current list of such countries/territories can be seen here.

2.3 The rights from orders and the personal area are not transferable. Users are required to keep their password secret and to change the password immediately if there is a certain likelihood that third parties might have access to the password. DVT will never ask users for their password, neither by email nor by telephone. Therefore users will never reveal their password by phone or by email, even if an email or telephone call makes the impression to be coming from DVT.

2.4 During the registration users are required to state correct and complete information about themselves. This data is stored in the personal area which is only accessible by the user.

2.5 Users inform DVT immediately about any changes of the stated data. This especially applies to contact information.

2.6 Users may change their personal information at any time. In case to do it users should send an e-mail to the customer service department, so this can be sorted out for users.

3. Functioning and use

3.1 Users can place buy/sell orders on DVT.

3.2 DVT provides the execution of orders. In addition to that DVT offers user additional paid services that are related to such different roles of DVT:

4. General rules

4.1 To protect the privacy of all users, thay remain anonymous to each other.

4.2 The user receives a personal identification number from DVT ('user ID'), by which user is identifiable for DVT. DVT will disclose the identity of the respective counterparty if a party requests this in written form and if the party proves that the disclosure is necessary for the enforcement of rights and/or protectable interests versus the user or versus third parties.

4.3 Users can look up their data in their personal area which is only accessible to them.

4.4 To make the execution as convenient as possible all orders are standardized and contain this minimum set of information:

5. General conditions for the use

5.1 The service is offered by DVT both to private individuals and corporates. DVT can only be used by registered users on their own account.

5.2 Moreover, DVT only grants access to users who

5.3 DVT makes the data and information of the user publicly available anonymously (i.e. without a reference to the identity), when a user wants to place an order. The data will only be made accessible if the content of this data complies with general rules of netiquette, these terms of use and current law.

6. Rates and Fees

DVT can charge it’s clients for the order execution by DVT both in cryptocurrency and FIAT by means of debiting the client’s accounts in cryptocurrency/FIAT. The amount of fees and types of fees applicable is set and calculated according to the Tariffs.

7. Notification about order execution

User has an ability to check in the account whether order is executed.

8. Availability

8.1 Service is made available under the current state of technology. The use of DVT assumes that users have access to technical means that are necessary to access the account in DVT (a computer, an internet connection etc.). DVT has the right to further develop the service environment constantly.

8.2 DVT only submits data within the personal section of the service by an encrypted connection but has no influence on the transfer of data via the internet itself. DVT secures its systems against unauthorized access to secured data. An absolute protection against attacks by hackers however is not possible at the current state of technology and DVT does not liable if such happens.

8.3 DVT strives to make the service accessible at any time within technological and economical reason. However, it is not always possible and you agree with that. Especially maintenance, security and capacity reasons as well as events that are beyond the control of DVT (disruptions of public communication networks, power outages or similar incidents) can lead to short term disruptions or to a temporary shutdown of the marketplace. DVT does not assume any liability for circumstances that are beyond the control of DVT. The access to the service also depends on the technological equipment of the user and the data transmission through the internet by third parties.

8.4 DVT provides its services based on the current technical status of the internet and the current technological, legal and commercial surrounding conditions for its use. DVT is not obligated to increase the scope of its services, even if this was possible due to technological developments of the internet.

8.5 DVT reserves the right to change the services offered on the Site.